Responsible teacher: prof. Arianna Pittoni

Prof. Arianna Pittoni graduated from the Higher Institute of Physical Education of the University of Bologna (Padua branch). Winner of the Ordinary Competition, she was appointed to the post in 1987 in secondary schools and has held a professorship at Galilei since 2000.

He is a nationally qualified coach and international judge (until 2017) of the Italian Gymnastics Federation.

Over the years he has participated in numerous national and international training and refresher courses organized by the MIUR, CONI and the National Sports Federations, on the teaching and methodology of sports activities.

Mission of the Department

The “Galileo Galilei” Scientific High School of Trieste, in accordance with the new guidelines on the reorganization of physical education and sports activities in secondary schools, intends to guarantee, within the “Olimpia” Department through its initiatives and planning, the development and strengthening of physical and sporting activities, both in terms of interest and participation, re-proposing and expanding project experiences.

During the curricular teaching hours, the teacher of physical, motor and sports education (the department is made up of five teachers from the A029 competition class on staff at the Institute) carries out his teaching action also in order to provide all students with basic preparation in sports specialties and giving everyone the opportunity to approach sports practice in a way linked to the school curriculum, also taking care of the theoretical aspect and promoting the implementation of an educational interest. All students of all classes of the Institute are given the opportunity to learn about, try their hand at and perfect themselves in a vast range of physical and sporting activities which are organized within the Institute and which they can freely join.

The activity of the “Olimpia” School Sports Center finds its foundation in this programming, which represents the natural completion of the hours of curricular teaching and is closely related to it. The “Perseus” project takes care of its aspect of promoting sport by seeking the maximum involvement of all the students of the Institute by offering them the opportunity to try their hand and compete individually and as a team, both within the class group and as a class within the Institute, with the consequent benefits of integration between students of different abilities. The planned sports disciplines are: athletics and cross-country running, orienteering, volleyball, basketball; football, table tennis, badminton and/or speed tennis.

Furthermore, student participation is also open to a "snow day" (alpine skiing in groups led by a FISI instructor and giant slalom) and a "water day" (swimming: basic freestyle technique). The interest and involvement of the students is stimulated, as well as by the knowledge of the discipline and the progress made in it during the educational path, by the championship formula that involves each single class against the others and in which each one is measured in ten disciplines sports.

The “Galileo Atleta” project, although aimed at students of the Institute considered to be of scholastic excellence, respects the promotional aspect by including a considerable number of participants. Furthermore, the competitive results obtained can be considered top-notch.

In the sporting history of the Liceo Galilei, this way of operating has always led the teams to excel in school competitions, highlighting themselves in the individual and team rankings, almost always in the first three places in all those disciplines for which competitions, tournaments and competitive events have been announced at provincial, regional and even national.

The result obtained in 2011 by the Institute's men's basketball team was of great importance: winner of the national phase of the Student Sports Games, it participated in the ISF - Basketball – World Schools Championship event held in Zhangjiagang in China, finishing in eighth place.

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