Edith Stein


Responsible teacher: Prof. Valentina Baldas

Professor Valentina Baldas obtained a degree in Religious Sciences from the Theological Faculty of the Triveneto of Padua, discussing a thesis in Economic Ethics on Corporate Social Responsibility. For a decade she worked doing research at the Burlo Garofolo in Trieste, publishing countless works, after this experience she came to teaching, making use of her knowledge and specializing in the field of research into the relationship between Science and Faith. He actively collaborates with the Science and Faith laboratory of the diocese of Trieste and participated in the planning of the training activities held on the occasion of ESOF2020. He is pursuing a Master's degree in Science and Faith at the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum in Rome. Participates in the activities of the Neurobioethics Group (GdN), in particular by exploring the medical-social challenges of artificial intelligence.

The Mission of the Department

The Edith Stein department, in line with the founding values and characterizing Galileo, aims to develop teaching and learning paths open to innovation for the creation of a school capable of valorising knowledge with a view to openness to critical analysis for an authentic interpretation of contemporary complexity in the scientific, social, economic and scientific fields. The aim is to accompany students in the development of global citizenship and sustainable development skills to stimulate responsible and proactive behavior in girls and boys that makes them aware protagonists of contemporary complexity.

Training objectives

In this panorama, the training objectives of the IRC, placing man in his entirety as the center of attention and developing skills of a cognitive, emotional and social nature, contributes to the training of boys and girls to promote a humanistic educational dimension, aware that today the The concept of Citizenship does not only concern the relationship between the individual and the territory but the protection of a broader ecosystem which includes man within it: the relationship between man and the environment and the relationship between man and man. A particular look is given to the critical analysis of the relationship between Science and Faith through which we want to investigate the ethical and anthropological questions that the developments of science and technology raise in boys and girls and in general in today's time and society .

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