The Departments implement the proposals of the Academic Board and contribute to organizing the development of the curriculum by competence, promoting research-action, the interdisciplinarity between knowledge, the enhancement of the disciplines. They are entrusted with the task of constantly enhancing the teaching professionalism by indicating the best organizational conditions for the elaboration of integrated courses aimed at the development of skills that can be effectively used both in the continuation of studies in the academic field and in the world of work.

It is the Departments themselves that must identify their own areas of intervention and their own objectives, following the general indications provided by the Academic Board. Each Department is responsible for:

  • the definition of the epistemological, didactic and training profile of the discipline or disciplines that pertain to it;
  • interaction with the disciplines of other Departments for the structuring of interdisciplinary paths;
  • the identification of one's own specific contribution with respect to the student's skills, in view of his exit profile (PECUP), also with regard to the assessment of these skills;
  • the choice and declaration of resources and methodologies that it intends to adopt in pursuing the student's education and training;
  • the adoption of further experimental and planning initiatives (particularly in terms of research-action ) for the achievement of one's own education and training objectives.