The collaborator Prof. Marialuisa Veneziano

Prof. Marialuisa Veneziano graduated from the University of Trieste in Literary Studies, discussing a research thesis in the History of Italian Literature centered on a sixteenth-century Bernese author whose texts she rearranged and analysed. He obtained both the qualification to teach literary subjects in upper secondary education institutes (competition class ex A050 – Italian and History), and the qualification to teach literary subjects and Latin in high schools and in teaching institutes (competition class ex A051), participating in the Ordinary Competition announced with DL of 3 March 1990. He is a permanent teacher of Literary subjects and Latin at the Liceo State scientist Galileo Galilei of Trieste since 1992. She is in charge of the management and organization of school spaces, the scheduling of student assemblies and the elections of the OO.CC. Responsible coordinator of the Galilei Choir and the Theater Group, she is the contact person for actions to combat cyberbullying. It also takes care of school-family relations concerning enrollments and changes of school address. She has been identified as the first collaborator since 2008.