Digital animator

Prof. Laurence Baruffo

The function of Digital Animator is held by Prof. LAURENCE BARUFFO.

Area of competence

This function has the task of planning, coordinating and promoting, in agreement with the management and in close relationship with Instrumental Function 4, the digital transition process, with particular focus on teaching practices and learning assessment.

The professor. LAURENCE BARUFFO is a science professor, and over the years he has held various roles of coordination of the Institute's activities (Head of the Department, Instrumental function for relations with Research Centers and Universities, Innovation Team) which have allowed him to develop a strong integration in the school and an in-depth knowledge of scholastic processes. In the 2021-2022 academic year he was a tutor in the course "Galilei Future Labs Plus - Digitization as a transversal enabler" created by the Galilei High School.