F1- Wellbeing at school


Prof. Valentina Baldas

The instrumental function F1 " Wellness at school" is covered by Prof. VALENTINA BALDAS.

Area of competence

The Well-being at School instrumental function is responsible for coordinating and promoting actions aimed at fostering a positive atmosphere that helps to achieve personal goals, to implement the necessary actions to support students and promote the quality of the educational relationship according to the SPS model (Schools that Promote Health) for the improvement of learning. He is also the contact person for BES, DSA students and for the School in Hospital and Home Education (SIO - ID) project.

Prof. Baldas, after a decade of research in the pediatric field, graduated in Religious Sciences and trained within the SHE (School for Health in Europe) path in order to acquire the skills necessary to develop paths of inclusion and promotion of well-being. He has been a teacher at the Liceo Galilei since 2011.