New indications on the conduct of the State Exam

NEW!! Operational indications for safety in carrying out the State Exam at the Via Mameli headquarters


Social distancing COVID19 containment measures for the 2020 State Exam

These pages of the site offer the most significant information documents and indications regarding the conduct of State Exams following the provisions of the measures for the management and containment of COVID19

General informations

The examination commissions meet in plenary session on 15 June at the headquarters in via Mameli according to the methods indicated in the document of the Technical Safety Committee which can be consulted at the following link:

Exams for candidates will start on 17 June 2020.

School credit

The credit has been reformulated: the three-year period is worth up to 60 points, the interview up to 40. The minimum score remains 60/100, the maximum 100/100. Honors may be awarded.


The commission will be made up of 6 internal commissioners and the external President.

All operations will take place in presence unless the epidemiological conditions allow it and with specific exceptions for particular cases.


The interview will take place in five parts:

  1. a) discussion of a paper concerning the address disciplines (those identified as the object of the second test)
  2. b) discussion of a short text, already the subject of study in the teaching of Italian language and literature during the fifth year and included in the document of the class council
  3. c) analysis, by the candidate, of the material chosen by the commission
  4. d) presentation by the candidate, through a brief report or a multimedia document, of the PCTO experience carried out during the course of study;
  5. e) assessment of the knowledge and skills acquired by the candidate in the context of activities relating to "Citizenship and the Constitution".
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