Fame Lab 2020


Planning, management and execution of a scientific experiment in an international research center

Liceo Galilei is the lead partner school of the PaGES4 project, a regional project presented by CERIC-ERIC (Area Science Park, Basovizza). This activity aims to offer students of the last years of scientific high schools an opportunity for training and orientation within an innovative and international context. Students acquire the tools necessary to carry out all phases of a scientific experiment: design, management, execution, evaluation, communication and dissemination. They will be led by project managers and researchers in the fields of materials science, biomaterials, nanotechnology and particle physics. The paths that connect the world of study with the world of work are also appropriately highlighted, also with reference to the sectors of research and innovation. The planned activities, consistent with national indications and with the Training Offer Plan, take place both at Galilei and in the CERIC laboratories at Elettra.

The stages of the journey and the events

(Event 1) It begins with the kick-off meeting with managers, teachers and administrators, which is followed by a space for
training and updating of professors by CERIC researchers. (Event 2) It is the presentation of the project to the students who will simultaneously be involved in an experiment, furthermore the students are dedicated to the study and planning of project management activities, to the introduction of elements of technology transfer and communication with the industry to finally arrive at the development of the business idea up to the business plan. Subsequently (Event 3) the teachers transmit hints of accelerator physics and prepare the students for scientific experiments. (Event 4) It consists of a scientific-experimental activity at CERIC c/o Elettra, where each class is divided into small groups in order to learn better and be able to carry out part of the experiment in first person. This is followed by the analysis and presentation of scientific results (Event 5) as well as the theory and practice of communication and dissemination techniques (Event 6). Finally, the preparation of the final dissemination event (Event 7) which will be organized by the high school. At the end of the project there will be a final meeting with managers and teachers of scientific high schools (Event 8 ).

Marine biology summer school Marine Biology Summer School

The "Summer School of Marine Biology" project, in its ninth year of development, is aimed at   to a small group of third and fourth year students and is organized in collaboration between some science teachers of the Galilei High School and the researchers of the OGS Experimental Geophysical Observatory, Oceanography section, in the Santa Croce Filtri headquarters.

This project includes days of activities related to scientific research in marine biology at the aforementioned laboratory and a day in the field; his   the objectives are the study and monitoring of the marine ecosystem through the use of investigation methodologies specific to this area

The object of the research activities is selected from year to year: the last theme chosen was " Natural and anthropic impacts on marine ecosystems ". This modality allows researchers to propose lessons/conferences and laboratory activities, with moments of both analysis and synthesis, on a well-defined research line; this helps students to better understand the research methodology and to actively participate in the course.

During the day in the field, the students work with the school teachers at a specially selected beach, where they have the opportunity to investigate and evaluate the environmental, chemical-physical and biological characteristics of the stretch of coast. Some sampling techniques are also learned, both on the shore and underwater. Finally, the project envisages an elaboration of the observations and data collected, with the preparation of dissemination material.