Dear professors, first of all we wish you a happy May Day! As you can well imagine this year the theater group of our high school was unable to stage the show it had long prepared. To leave at least one sign of this unfortunate year, we have decided to produce this short video of a part of the scene that we would have brought to the stage and which we now take the liberty of sharing with you.

We hope you like it and if so, share it with your colleagues and classes. Heartfelt thanks - Luca Alberti, Silvia Civran and all the cast of "If each of us"

Veronica Lucà, Andrea Iskra, Rodolfo Butti, Francesca Possenelli, Jovana Nikolic, Elisabetta Silva, Cecilia Spagna, Nicolas Virno, Anna Lavagnini, Niccolò Canciani (the bomber), Luca Ienco, Caterina Gardone, Margherita Della Marina, Axel Cocozza, Camilla Calvani, Ivona Jovic, Sofia Barbieri, Leonardo Miceli, Massimiliano Chiucchi, Shpresa Morina, Sofia Sifanno, Timoteo Julliot, Veronica Fraus in, Alessio Puzzo, Nicolò Liva, Rachele Grigoriev, Giulia Musina, Giulia Masi, Francesco Fornasaro, Silvia Civran, Luca Alberti, Video editing by Silvia Civran.- Directed by Luca Alberti and Silvia Civran

" If each of us..." TRAILER 2020 GALILEI THEATER GROUP

GALILEI THEATRE: The Diary of Anne Frank