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GALILEI FUTURE LAB is a project for the creation of innovative laboratory spaces for the training of teachers of schools of all levels in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Based on the Future classroom lab link model and generated by INDIRE research on new link architectures and learning spaces with the aim of creating and activating connected learning environments in which to propose participatory teaching, based on new methodologies and digital technologies, considering their social and economic impact. The GALILEI FUTURE LAB represents a stimulus for the innovation of the teaching of standardized disciplines, for the enhancement of digital skills, for a stronger motivation to study the STEAM disciplines, finally for a modification of the whole school dynamics, with a view to a profound educational and cultural change.

The great ambition is also to bring back to school the charm of the "makers", of the experimenters in an environment that involves the greatest number of classes and students; that encourages creativity, dexterity, intelligent play, critical use of media and design thinking: in short, a meeting point between formal and informal learning, between ancient and avant-garde materials and tools.

The spaces of the GALILEI FUTURE LAB are fluid spaces, designed to allow flexible teaching settings, created through work islands, workstations with a variable number of seats, specialized areas to offer a different quality of being at school, modify the work groups of trainees and class groups, functional to host multiple activities at the same time.

The rooms are connected to the Wi-Fi network via GARR's MAN LightNET, a fiber optic infrastructure which new environments 18 uses the most advanced GARR Network communication technologies and are equipped with 82" Big pads, Big pad touch, Flip board, amplification system with radio microphones, sound-absorbing panels, video camera system for streaming transmission, tinkering areas, 3D printing, soft corners for relaxation and kitchenette.

Educational spaces , digital environments, new LINK architectures

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Rethinking space as a fundamental element for innovation together with advanced technologies for teaching and in favor of active learning for a school projected towards the future-

Here are our new pedagogical horizons:

1. Transform the transmissive model of the school.

2. Exploit the opportunities offered by ICT and digital languages to support new ones

ways of teaching, learning and assessing.

3. Create new spaces for learning.

4. Reorganize school time.

5. Reconnect the knowledge of the school and the knowledge of the knowledge society.

6. Investing in "human capital" by rethinking relationships

7. Promote innovation to be sustainable and transferable.


Galilei is the site of a project for the creation of a new architecture of spaces equipped for teaching and for the training of school staff, as part of the national digital school plan. The new laboratory environments to be created include learning areas for:


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