WORKSHOPS 2020-2021



"Training for the Future" The training of school staff restarts from digital

Courses for over 240,000 teachers and 90,000 between ATA and managers

Online training courses, webinars, videos on innovative teaching methodologies and on the use of technologies in teaching, but also in the management of administrative activities.

With the "Formare al Futuro" Program, the training of school staff (teachers, ATA, managers) starts again from digital, with the aim of capitalizing and enhancing the experiences and skills gained in the months when schools are closed, with remote teaching and work activities. But also to look to the future and to the modernization of the school system, also from an administrative point of view.

The training courses started these days and will continue throughout the next school year and until December 2021. The catalog of courses dedicated to teachers is extensive: artificial intelligence, use of apps and e-learning platforms in teaching, digital citizenship. These are just a few examples of the courses already available these days.

In the initial phase of the activities, starting as early as this month of July, the Future Labs will play a fundamental role, the innovation poles built in 28 state schools throughout Italy, which, already during the first months of the health emergency, were of great importance in the training of over 37,000 teachers on digital and distance learning in just 3 months.

The Future Labs training plan will be based on three guidelines: systematization of teachers' digital skills, with targeted courses and within the European reference framework "DigCompEDU" (divided into 6 areas of expertise and 6 levels of proficiency); enhancing the digital skills of school principals and staff figures; support for the digitization of school administrations, with courses for Administrative, Technical and Auxiliary staff (ATA) and for the Directors of General and Administrative Services (DSGA). The delivery of the first courses will take place between July and September 2020.

With the return to school, once the "pilot" phase is complete, the courses will continue to benefit from both PON funds and national funds for digital schools, from October 2020 until December 2021, with a training program for over 240,000 teachers on digital skills and innovative teaching methodologies. While 90,000 school managers and ATAs will be trained in the field of digital transition and digitization of processes (DS and ATA) and for administrative-accounting training (ATA). The paths for staff will embrace a wide range of topics connected with innovative processes in schools: leadership for digital innovation, data protection in digital teaching, management of board meetings via videoconference, reorganization of school work with the use of digital technology, cloud sharing in school secretariats.

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