EYP National Selection Conference Genoa 2023

The Liceo Galillei participated in the 52 National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament (from 21 to 26 March), hosted by the Municipality of Genoa with groups-commissions spread within the institutional headquarters of Palazzo Tursi, Palazzo Albini and Palazzo San Giorgio. The event was one of the two National Sessions organized by EYP Italy on the national territory for 2023 and saw the participation of 150 young people from all over Italy and 50 European delegates who discussed social, economic and environmental issues and sustainable trade.

After taking part in the "Teambuilding" the Galilei delegates Mateusz Barabanow 4G, Caterina Boico 3C, Alyssa Maizinger 4A, Jamie Mastromonaco 3C, Ferdinando Randisi 4G, Matteo Rella 3D, participated in the "Committee Work", producing a resolution on the topic assigned, which they subsequently discussed in the General Assembly.

The European Youth Parliament constitutes a forum in which young people can express their opinions through constructive dialogue, practice independent critical thinking and develop active citizenship practices with the aim of becoming responsible citizens aware of the challenges of the future.

EYP National Selection Conference 2023