Galileo Athlete Program and ministerial experimentation High Level Student Athlete


The objective is to support student/athletes who have a competitive sporting commitment of relevance in terms of workload and results. It aims to guarantee student/athletes of any sporting discipline the possibility of reconciling competitive commitment with that of study. This right is protected by virtue of the articulated and flexible organization of the teaching activity through the creation of a personalized and time-modulated study path, which responds to the needs related to the planning of training sessions and participation in competitions of the student/athlete.


They are formulated:
- personalized work plans;
- planning of individualized study;
- homework, study and distance learning, including electronically;
- specific educational interventions for strengthening and recovery in study subjects


Through an agreement with the sports club or FSN to which they belong, the training hours and competitive commitment are recognized as PCTO. Particular attention is given to specific training on health and safety in the environments in which sporting activities take place, the role of leadership, the management and organization of training, decision-making and behaviour.

Methodological/didactic measures adopted

Constant updating of the student/athlete if engaged in training or competition activities.
Collection of lecture notes.
Support for illustration/explanation of ordinary school activities.
Distance learning activities using synchronous/asynchronous tools (publication of material in an electronic register, sending via email, creation of a Google group, teacher/students, Skype connections, telephone connections)
Online publication of handouts and supporting teaching materials
Recovery/tutoring activities

At the request of the student , during particularly demanding training periods or important competitive commitments, subject to agreement with the teacher concerned:

Planning of written and oral tests
Make up or bring forward scheduled tests for the whole class, in case of absence due to sporting commitments
Agreed and adequate scheduling of multiple tests on multiple subjects on the same day (max 2 written tests or 1 written and 1 oral)
Rescheduling from checks immediately following return from significant competitive commitments
Administration of remote checks