The orientation teaching modules


MACRO THEMES of orientation teaching for three-year classes

The orientation teaching modules have as their perimeter MACRO THEMES divided by class order. They make use of an interdisciplinary approach which implies the use and integration of analytical methods and frameworks relating or attributable to multiple disciplines in a more complete and coherent analysis framework.

The modules aim to

  •   make the student feel like he is the subject of his learning path;
  • create opportunities for dynamic reflection on the self and the intersubjective dimension;
  •   allow spaces for self-training;
  •   explore opportunities
  • support the decision-making process
  •   balance formal and informal activities to promote reflection on the contexts in which training processes take place
  •   help students give meaning to what they do by allowing degrees of freedom and choice

Some paths are constitutive of the disciplinary curriculum, others represent a curvature discussed and shared within the Departments.

Both types of courses correlate with the training offer of the University of Trieste (UniTS) which, in the case of the fourth classes, becomes a PNRR pilot project carried out by the University within the school timetable, at our site.

The convergence between orientation modules and civic education has a sufficient degree of convergence which can be further increased depending on the training experiences and professional skills acquired by each teacher, without the institute curriculum deviating from national indications.

Summary framework of the modules for the three-year period

Third Class Orientation Module

Fourth class orientation form

Fifth grade orientation forms