Video store

The video library of the "Galilei" high school, located on the fourth floor of the institute's headquarters next to the video room, contains over 1100 films on DVD and VHS, divided between the broader FILM section and the HISTORY, DOCUMENTARIES, LITERATURE and THEATER sections. Up-to-date dictionaries and works by Morandini, Mereghetti, Kezich and Grazzini are also available to teachers.

The foundation of the video library is due to the film-loving passion of Prof. Rosella Pisciotta, a former teacher of the institute as well as the soul of the Underground Chapel, and of the former principal Giovanni Forni, whose work was then continued with great commitment, until her retirement, by Prof. Stefania Japoce.

The unified alphabetical catalog of the video library is being updated to include the titles of new purchases or occasional welcome donations.

It is also planned to house the DVD collections of the Department of Foreign Languages in the future in the video library.

The head of the video library is Prof. Nadia Savino.

The loan service is regulated by a specific circular and reserved for teachers, who can request the films using the special green notebooks in the teachers' room, both at the head office and at the branch, or possibly also at the address .