Goals of sustainable development and impact on professions

On February 16, the PCTO project "Sustainable development objectives and impact on professions" was launched, which involves 3C and 4A classes and is carried out in collaboration with the Immaginario Scientifico and AD FORMANDUM thanks to a European contribution provided by the Autonomous Region of Friuli - Venezia Giulia

The course will deal with the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs 2030) and the impact they have on the regional productive fabric with a laboratory approach. The entire course takes place over 3 meetings at the Immaginario Scientifico in Trieste, stimulating students to reflect on the importance of the SDGs and the professionalism connected to them, with specific reference to companies present in the regional territory.

The activity, with a strong laboratory structure, takes place according to the principles of participatory and learner-centred teaching.

PCTO 2023 Immaginario Scientifico