Technologies for the restoration of cultural and artistic heritage

Path   "PCTO Technologies for the restoration of artistic and cultural heritage" was carried out by the IVD class and coordinated by teachers E.Luin (Natural Sciences) and G.Cassalia (Design and St.Art). The project examined the degradation of the stone surfaces of the historical artefacts on which investigations were prepared for the characterization of the typology of degradation and the related causes. The guided tour of the Miramare Castle restoration site, the experimental activities carried out in the institute's laboratories, the seminars with specialists in the sector and the meeting with the Carabinieri _ Nucleo Tutela del Patrimonio Culturale served to provide a complete picture on the subject, with the aim of establishing a transversal relationship between the disciplines involved and, last but not least, illustrating a professionalizing study path in the restoration sector. The project concluded with a visit to the laboratories of the Opifico delle Pietre Dure in Florence and the realization of a reality task based on the simulation of a restoration intervention on a chosen artefact present in the area.

Tecnologie per il restauro del patrimonio artistico e culturale