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The Global Teaching Labs”   (GTL) is a collaborative project between Liceo Galilei and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, as part of the MISTI program (MIT Science and Technology Teaching Initiatives), for the development of a specific laboratory teaching based on the principles of the Technology Enabled Active Learning methodology, practiced at MIT, and applied to the study of disciplines in the STEAM area (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). Particularly selected and trained students of the prestigious American university assist, during the month of January, the teachers of the Galilei High School in setting up specific interactive laboratories that offer a wide variety of techniques and organizational and didactic solutions. The materials used, elaborated by MIT professors and accessible online through reserved platforms, are applied to real-life contexts, also reproduced virtually in digital environments, and mediated through assertive communication techniques.

It is a first hand exposure to MIT's   Mens and Manus   cultures


Charlotte Wickett

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