OECD/PISA survey: the results of Galilei students


OECD/PISA: what is it?

The PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) survey promoted by the Organization for Co-operation and Development (OECD) is a three-year survey conducted on fifteen-year-old students from all over the world which detects the extent to which they have acquired fundamental knowledge and skills to fully participate in social and social life. economical. The survey assesses 15-year-old students' knowledge and skills in math, reading and science . The tests detect students' ability to solve complex problems, think critically and communicate effectively.

In this way we can understand how education systems are preparing students for the challenges of real life and for achieving future well-being.

The latest findings demonstrate that the students of the two-year course of the LICEO GALILEI are placed in highly respectable positions both at a national and international level

The results in summary:

In Reading, the Galilean students obtained an average score of 541.55 points, higher than the average of Italian high schools which stands at 513.57 and that of north-eastern high schools which is 538.57 points.

In Science they obtained an average score of 553.33 points, higher than the average of Italian high schools which stands at 505.71 points and that of the North East of 531.92 points.

Even in Mathematics the score obtained was higher: 548.08 points compared to the 497.59 points of the Italian high schools and the 522.99 points of the average of the North Eastern high schools.

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