Hello....this is Antartica calling

Live from Antarctica with the OGS Panel of Experts

Glaciologist Dr. Florence Colleone, who embarked on the NR Laura Bassi icebreaker, sends us daily updates on the activities on board and on Monday 7 March she connected via Teams together with the ENEA contact person to describe life, scientific and otherwise, on board.

Galileo's collaboration with the OGS, National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics of Trieste is focused on Operation Antarctica, an action of the PTOF Project Sciences in the Territory also realized thanks to the interest of Dr. Colleone, who held 8 online conferences for students of some fifth year classes, developing topics such as the history of the discovery of the poles, glaciology, climate change, data analysis and methods of analysis in the field.

Upon returning to Trieste from Antardide, the OGS researchers will hold a final lesson with the students