VISITING 2022-23 Training of newly hired teachers

The Galilei High School, as a pole school for field training, is the site of training activities for the professional development of newly hired personnel in the 2019-2020 school year.

The training activities, coordinated with the USR FVG, are aimed at consolidating the skills envisaged by the teacher profile and the required professional standards and are mandatory for the teaching staff during the training and trial period. They fulfill the purpose of verifying the professional skills, observed in the didactic action carried out and in the activities instrumental to it, as well as in the context of the organizational dynamics of the school institution.

The training phases for new recruits started at the Liceo Galilei are divided into the following training actions:

- Immersive visiting activities in relation to didactic and organizational innovation

With reference to the national training plan for newly hired personnel and the envisaged pathways, the INDIRE platform offers documentation, materials, insights and training support environments at the link

Newly hired teacher training


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