Economy between profit and civil responsibility

Friday 3 May 2024 the students participating in the project for the orientation "Economics between profit and civil responsibility" promoted by the dpt Stein, together with the IRC students of the IV classes, accompanied by the professors. Arwen Emy Sfregola and Leo Budinich carried out an educational trip based on the themes and experiences of the international Economy of Francesco project , focused on the themes of civil economy and integral ecology for the mitigation of Capitalism. The day included a meeting with some entrepreneurs at the Altoadriatico Andrea Galvani technological hub in Pordenone, specialized in cooperation projects and business start-ups according to the values and perspectives of integral ecology and ended with a testimonial and tasting visit at the ONLUS La Melagrana Soc. Coop. Soc. di Prosecco (Ts) proposing the entrepreneurial experience of inclusive catering AUT-standing, awarded with honor by President Sergio Mattarella.

economy of francesco

EoF is an international community of young economists, entrepreneurs and change-makers engaged in a process of inclusive dialogue and young and vibrant global change, towards a new economy.

Economia tra profitto e responsabilità
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