World Environment Day Conference

As part of World Environment Day , in collaboration with ASUGI and other local bodies responsible for studying and protecting the environment, the conference " Water & Air: how the environment determines our health " was held on 5 June 2023.

It was an international event in which various countries of the world participated with the aim of always finding new ways and ideas to protect the natural ecosystem.

Male and female students of the Galilei three-year period participated as speakers on the commitment of our school as a promoter of educational projects on the environment, both in the disciplinary field and in the Civic Education curriculum and in the various paths for expanding the educational offer.

Livia Tomalino (5B), Francesca Passini (5D), Filippo Vairo (5G) and Tommaso Trevisan (5G) were congratulated by the organizers for the quality and effectiveness of their speeches and above all for their genuine involvement and commitment in reminding young students of the fragility of planet Earth and how each of us can play a key role in protecting and safeguarding it.

Convegno Acqua e Aria
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