Chess Championships 2022-23


First classified in the provincial team championships for the Juniores category

Jivan Tadevosyan (captain), Edoardo Franceschina, Andrea Benussi, Samuele Morgut, Gianluca Verde

Runners-up for the Students category

Raphael Ivaldi (captain), Giacono Canale, Francesco Curzolo, Tommaso Rondi, Emanuele Mahnic

The teams qualified for the regional stage on April 15th in Pordenone

A game of chess

The wealth of content, ideas and suggestions leads to consider chess as an activity with vast pedagogical potential, precisely because of the possibility of considering its cognitive, affective, social and expressive aspects.
The frame offered by the game of chess is a space in which to insert play activities, full use of thought, socialization, self-expression, in compliance with the stages of evolutionary development and in accordance with the aims and values of responsible citizenship

Chess trophy rules at school.pdf

In the gallery moments of the institute chess tournament at the Galilei High School and of the provincial team championships at the Polo Giovanni Toti in Trieste

Torneo d'istituto Scacchi