Cambridge AWARD BEST CENTER 2013

Dear Preparation Centre,

We are pleased to send you the attached Certificate for being nominated as one of the Best Italian Preparation Centers for the academic year 2022-2023.

Cambridge English Italy is proud of having your organization as a partner and we keep counting on you and on your commitment, hoping to celebrate together the next edition of the Preparation Centers Awards in 2024.

Best regards,
Nick Beer
Italy Director - English

Cambridge preparation center 1 - 2023

Cambridge preparation center 2 2023

New enrollments for the CAMBRIDGE ESOL CAE C1 and FCE B2 certification paths ARE OPEN   for the current school year.   The students and students   interested parties must register by Saturday 27 November 2021 by filling in the appropriate online form available at the following link:

The Cambridge English Qualifications Preparation Center of Liceo Galilei has been awarded international recognition for the quality of its English language learning paths and for the number of language certificates it has obtained.

Recognition English Qualifications Cambridge

Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation Centre

The Certification of Linguistic Competences allows for the monitoring of the Students' curricular linguistic Portfolio, assimilated in the Liceo Galilei training credit system, based on the reference levels B1-B2-C1-C2 of the Common European Framework (LINK) . The ESOL PET, FCE, CAE, CPA( LINK) exam sessions are completed annually with the assessment of both written and oral skills carried out in collaboration with the British School Of Trieste. This is also possible thanks to the launch of supplementary courses and systematic courses for the enhancement of linguistic and communicative skills in L2 activated from November to May of each school year. The pedagogical practice of language certification courses is increasingly assimilated to curricular practice to motivate learning and positively influence academic performance with significant repercussions also on the teaching didactic level. The certifications contribute to the formation of the linguistic portfolio of male and female students and are also valid for the recognition of university credit.

Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation Centre