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Galilei alumni contact

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Over the years, the Galilei Scientific High School has formed a community of students who today are part of prestigious realities from an academic, scientific and entrepreneurial point of view, in Italy and in the world, and who contribute to enhancing its cultural identity.

We are truly proud of this and it is our desire to establish a relational network of ex-students whose professional career, which began at Galilei, can represent a strong educational motivation for our male and female students, and be a reference for their post-graduate choices.

If you are a former student of Liceo Galilei and would like to reconnect with your alma mater to help create this experience, contact us at: specifying in the subject: galilei alumni contact

or write to:

Galileo Galilei State Scientific High School
Ex-student relations
Via Goffredo Mameli 4,
Trieste 34139