log and neuroscience 2024

Congratulations to Silvia Pelle , Elisa Banelli and Davide Costanzo who participated on March 14, 2024, in the Regional Phase of the Neuroscience Olympiad. The competition, structured into a team and an individual phase, allowed Silvia Pelle to place third overall out of the numerous candidates selected from across the region. Congratulations to the entire Galilei group! "

The event was promoted by the Municipality of Trieste-Department of Education and Family Policies, organized by Imaginario Scientifico and the University of Trieste, as part of the Trieste City of Knowledge Memorandum of Understanding.

The aim of the initiative is to increase interest among young people in the study of the structure and functioning of the human brain , and to attract young talents to research in the sectors of experimental and clinical neuroscience, which represent the great challenge of our millennium.

The Neuroscience Olympics represent the Italian selection of the International Brain Bee. The event was born in the United States in 1998 and currently involves more than 50 countries around the world. Italy has participated in the international competition since 2010, progressively involving the entire national territory, with more than 220 schools and 5,500 students . The promoter of the national event is the Italian Society of Neuroscience (SINS), which represents the most important national scientific society of an interdisciplinary nature for the study of the nervous system and its diseases .

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